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Shanghai austor Technology Co.,Ltd
        •Shanghai austor Technology Co., Ltd. production in 2005, Is a complete supply chain management of electronic products to help customers quickly bring electronic products into the market, the rapid transformation into results, Better quality, higher efficiency, lower cost! Specifically including PCB design, DFM services, electronic components and PCB procurement, SMT production, testing, aging, Small quantities of high-end three and integrated manufacturing services, Features: good and fast, flexible, in accordance with the requirements of customers customized production, to solve customer problems, The company is a member of the IPC unit, through the highest standard IPC three certification, According to the national production safety level three to produce, We have services in the field of communications, medical electronics, automotive electronics, high speed, security, new energy, robotics, industrial control, semiconductor, military and other industries. Customers in foreign investment, research institutes, state-owned enterprises, the world's top five hundred enterprises and some R & D center. Our capacity is 3 million CHIP per day, We also and the Shanghai Univer, Jiaotong University, IEEE of cooperation, the reliability analysis research of electronic products assembly, the common development of green environmental protection products. The company is also engaged in chip packaging heat dissipation materials, semiconductor supplies, SMT supplies trade.